Does the world need another podcast? 

YES! It needs this one.

As a woman of a certain age, I’ve come to realize midlife can be a turbulent time for many. But few of us want to acknowledge this angst because we’ve been taught to martyr ourselves in the service of others. And that would dilute the power of our suffering, so, no thanks. We’ve also progressed to a point in time where our trying to be and have it all has advanced significantly. Resulting in an unrealistic volume of responsibilities. With an unspoken pressure to nail it all. 

There’s been a cost to our generational advancement. Although I’m speaking for myself, I’m not blind. I see it happening all around me. Women… struggling to keep it together. Living in a world of facades. And losing themselves in the process. 

She Walks the Walk: The Podcast follows a movement I started ( to help women live more inspired, more authentic lives. It's not just another Adventure Podcast. Authors of epic books. Hikers of epic trails. Women owning their journeys and celebrating every messy, fabulous step along the way.

Listen, while you walk. New episodes every second Monday. 





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