About Sam

Greetings from my messy studio in Thunder Bay, Canada. I'm a Gen-x mom, wife, adventurer, writer and entrepreneur. In 2019, I hiked 800-km across Spain and came to the conclusion my 16-year career in finance was killing me. But the money was so damn good. I faced a fork in the road: continue life at breakneck speed in an industry that controlled and muted me, or, step into something new. The uncertain. 

Well, I leaped. I dreamed of leading epic Global Walking Adventures that would take women out of the incessant burping and chirping of their lives, and transport them into a journey of self-discovery. Cue the pandemic and a massive amount of pouting! 

But here I am today, focussed on the things I can still control. I launched She Walks the Walk to help women like me lead more authentic, more inspired lives. I want you off the treadmill, or at the very least to question it! Too many of us find ourselves stuck in a pattern dictated by society, our culture or even our parents. It's time to walk our own walk. 

I should tell you I'm a chronic over-sharer. I lose my phone, my keys, my mask on the daily. I love life and keeping it real. If that's your jam, you just might be into this. 



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